A one-file .deb packaging tool: https://gitlab.com/unity-x/qckdeb/
qckdeb is a quick .deb packaging tool which (similar to Arch Linux's PKGBUILD file) requires just a single file (named DEBBUILD) to generate a package, compared to the numerous files required by dpkg-dev.
All of UnityX's components can be built with `qckdeb`.

Quick start

  • Install qckdeb (run the below commands as root, using su or sudo; replace the value of PREFIX to your liking):
export PREFIX='/usr/local'
wget -O "${PREFIX}/bin/qckdeb" 'https://gitlab.com/unity-x/qckdeb/-/raw/master/qckdeb?inline=false'
chmod 755 "${PREFIX}/bin/qckdeb"
  • Install git on your machine.
  • Download the source of unityx-settings-daemon and generate a .deb package:
git clone 'https://gitlab.com/unity-x/unityx-settings-daemon.git'
cd unityx-settings-daemon && qckdeb
You'll find that the .deb package has been generated in the current directory (ls *.deb).
You'll find that the DEB packages automatically generated on every push to the repository (at https://gitlab.com/unity-x/unityx-settings-daemon) through GitLab CI using qckdeb.
Last modified 1yr ago